RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2018


Dear RMACRAO Membership,

On Friday, February 9, 2018 the Board of Directors met in Loveland, Colorado.  Those Board Members who were unable to attend in person, joined us using the GoToMeeting software.  All voting members were present either in person or remotely.

The Board reviewed the results from the fall 2017 survey that was sent out to the membership.  We received 76 total responses to the question “Will you be attending the 2018 RMACRAO Annual Meeting in Las Cruces, Mexico?”, with 32 responding “yes” and 44 responding “no.”

President Elect, Jim Tisdale has also sent out two communications to the membership asking for session proposals.  As of February 9th, we only had 11 sessions submitted.  Normally at this time of year, all session time slots have been filled.

The Board had to have the difficult conversation about how to move forward with the 2018 Annual Meeting planning.  This conversation brought up a variety of questions:

  • How do we move forward with extremely low projected attendance?
  • How do we provide a quality conference with only 11 sessions?
  • How will we keep our registration fee reasonable without taking a significant financial loss?

If we move forward with the Annual Meeting charging approximately 40 attendees a $250 registration fee, RMACRAO would lose $20,000.  If we decided to cancel the Annual Meeting at this point, per our contract with the hotel, we would be charged 35% for room guarantees. Local Arrangements Chair, Geri Martinez worked with the hotel and negotiated a cancellation cost of $5,500 (approximate, Geri is still waiting for the final invoice from the hotel).  We also took into account the commitment from our vendors with such a low projected attendance. If we do not have the sponsorship from our vendors, which last year contributed to and covered approximately $13,000 towards the cost of the conference, it will make it very difficult to provide a low cost conferences for our membership.

The conversation resulted in a motion to cancel the 2018 RMACRAO Annual Meeting in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which passed unanimously.  We will still be holding a Business Meeting on July 12, 2018.  A location in the Denver metropolitan area will be provided for those would like to attend in person.  A video meeting will be provided for those who would like or need to attend virtually.

We will be sending out the winter/spring newsletter very soon which will communicate proposed changes to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. We will also have membership applications to vote on.

In addition, Jim Tisdale will be working with the 11 people who submitted a session proposal to line up days and times for them to present in a webinar format.  If you are interested in doing a webinar or maybe even a topic specific electronic roundtable please reach out to anyone on the Board and we will be happy to facilitate this for the membership.

As a reminder for those who would like to view the updated Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and approved meeting minutes can all be viewed at www.rmacrao.org.  The RMACRAO website has been working intermittent lately.  We have been in contact with the hosting company and their suggestion is to try a different browser and/or delete history when encountering an error.  We will continue working with the company to fix any issues to make the website work in all browsers.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the RMACRAO Board of Directors at boardofdirectors@rmacrao.org.


The Board of Directors