RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2019


RMACRAO 2019 Annual Conference

July 17-19, 2019

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

The 43rd RMACRAO Annual Meeting will be held July 17-19, 2019 at the University of Colorado Boulder campus in Boulder, Colorado

Interactive Map for RMACRAO Annual Conference Attendees



We have arranged for parking in the parking garage below the CASE building. The parking permit system recognizes the license plate of the vehicle that is being parked in the garage, the permit system doesn’t print a parking pass. The pass can be purchased with conference registration or it can be purchased at a later date, even the first day of the conference. It is important to register the license plate of the vehicle that will be parked in the parking garage. You will be responsible for any tickets issued by not registering your vehicle.

Go to: https://cuboulder.pmreserve.com to secure parking for the RMACRAO Regional Conference.  Use promo code:  RMAC3765  for a pass, free of charge on the Boulder campus. Please reserve parking passes responsibly as RMACRAO will be charged for each pass reserved.


For attendees utilizing public transit, the RTD Trip Planner is helpful

Airport Shuttle Information

For conference attendees flying in from out of state,  Boulder Green Ride provides shuttle service from Denver International Airport to Boulder.   For more information check out their website at Boulder Green Ride

Hotel Information

If you plan to book a hotel during the conference, you will want to make arrangements early. Boulder is a busy place during the Summer, and hotels book quickly!   Here is a list of hotels and contact information:

Basecamp Boulder

2020 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 449-7550


Hilton Garden Inn Boulder

2701 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 443-2200


Embassy Suites by Hilton Boulder

 2601 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 443-2600


Residence Inn by Marriott Boulder Canyon Boulevard

2550 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 577-7300


Hyatt Place Boulder/Pearl Street

2280 Junction Pl., Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 442-0160

Who Attends RMACRAO?

The RMACRAO Annual Meeting attracts a diverse group of participants typically from the Rocky Mountain region. Some of these include:

  • admissions professionals
  • registrar professionals
  • corporate exhibitors
  • enrollment managers
  • student services professionals
  • information technology specialists
  • academic advisors
  • many more…

Why should you attend RMACRAO?

RMACRAO sessions and workshops will provide you opportunities to:

  • Network with colleagues from local institutions.
  • Mingle with exhibitors providing the best products and services available to higher education.
  • Learn about best practices, new techniques, and technology tailored for higher education.
  • Keep up to date with legislation and policy matters affecting higher education.
  • Develop unique insights and ideas that will position you and your institution at the forefront of the profession.
  • Learn how to manage the change in your office and institution.



Conference Registration is Closed for the 2019 RMACRAO Annual Meeting!


Pricing Information

Full Conference Pass

  • Full Conference: Member Fee


  • Full Conference: Non-Member Fee


Wednesday Only Conference Pass

  • Wednesday Only Conference Pass : Member Fee


  • Wednesday Only Conference Pass: Non-Member Fee$160.00

Thursday/Friday Only Conference Pass

  • Thursday/Friday Only Conference Pass: Member Fee


  • Thursday/Friday Only Conference Pass: Non-Member Fee


Thursday Only Conference Pass

  • Thursday Only Conference Pass: Member Fee


  • Thursday Only Conference Pass: Non-Member Fee


Friday Only Conference Pass

  • Friday Only Conference Pass: Member Fee


  • Friday Only Conference Pass: Non-Member Fee


Pre-Conference Workshops

National Student Clearinghouse

Phil Smith, National Student Clearinghouse

Please join us for our Clearinghouse Academy Live in your Neighborhood pre-conference session. It offers a unique opportunity for you and your staff to learn more about your National Student Clearinghouse, find out about existing and upcoming new services, and engage with our staff and subject matter experts on topics critical to the success of your institution and students.

We will answer your questions about our services and cover a range of topics, including:

  • Enrollment Reporting Update/New Products and Services
    • StudentTracker Premium Service: Learn how our enhanced service includes additional student-level detail in an analysis-ready format, a convenient repository of individual versions of our Research Center’s national reports, and dynamic visualizations that enable institutions to “print and present” with little effort. We have begun to add workforce data, so you can also discover our plans to expand this.
    • Reverse Transfer: Hear updates on our reverse transfer process, discussions we have had with the state systems offices and ways to make it even easier by using the Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer service for course and credit data exchange.
  • Electronic Transcript Services
    • Hear about our comprehensive suite of transcript services. Active users will experience our new ordering solution, including its mobile-responsive design.
    • Discover how our integration options for all student information systems, including PeopleSoft, eTranscripts integration for Ellucian, and others can provide a total transcript solution.
    • Learn about NSC SecurePrint, our transcript print fulfillment service. If you’d like to outsource that work, we can do that for you!
  • Strategic Initiatives
    •  The Clearinghouse remains focused on working with our institutional partners to find new ways to serve the education community, students, and policymakers. Come learn about our current initiatives in the areas of Research Services and our student portal, Myhub.


Tracy Hart, University of New Mexico

Designing Services for Retention

Although many factors contribute to student retention, institutions have control over support services. Are your institution’s services comprehensive enough to meet your students’ needs? Are the services designed in a way that contribute to retention? This interactive workshop will help you answer these questions while also providing a road map for strengthening your service offerings and delivery.


Holly Teal, Colorado Mesa University

Excel Tips and Tools

This presentation will cover some basic excel tools such as filters to find desired criteria, pivot tables to make summary data, simple equations to find duplicates or add a field from a different list, and a few other functions. The goal is to give the audience some tools that will help create quick summaries or to identify areas of interest.


Featured Speakers

Opening Session

William Kuskin




William Kuskin, Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives

William Kuskin is Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives. He is responsible for projects in digital education, international strategy, and teaching and learning. Previously, he served as Chair of English at the University of Colorado Boulder, and before that he was Chair of English at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, where he served during Katrina and helped successfully guide the university through academic probation.

A professor of English, Dr. Kuskin has written books and articles about technology and literature, the emergence of printing, the notion of the Renaissance, and comic books and graphic novels. Dr. Kuskin has almost two decades experience in digital education. In 2013 he launched the MOOC, “Comic Books and Graphic Novels,” which ultimately served over seventy-thousand students and which received special mention for Coursera for its innovative delivery of humanities material, including writing and critical thinking.

Dr. Kuskin majored in English and Psychology at Vassar College (class of ’87) and received his MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a University of Warwick Exchange Fellow in 1995, a Stanford Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow in 2000, and an NEH recipient in 2006.




Tammy Aagard




Tammy Aagard, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Florida

Tammy Aagard is the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at the University of Florida. She has nearly 20 years of experience in higher education. Her experience includes enrollment management areas of admissions, academic advising, graduate school, financial aid, and registrar at the University of Wyoming. She also has experience in athletics at Washington State University.

During her tenure at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Aagard coordinated the implementation of technology to support the academic and administrative functions of the university, including being the functional lead for the implementation of an enterprise-wide student information system.

Dr. Aagard has worked extensively with academic deans and associate deans. She has served on many academic committees including general education visioning and implementation teams for two separate iterations of general education, graduate education task force, university course and curriculum committees, student success and transitions team, and enrollment management council. Tammy has been responsible for the implementation of state and federal regulations regarding financial aid and scholarships.

Dr. Aagard has extensive experience in staff development and has presented on leadership topics at the institution, state, regional and national levels. She also has comprehensive experience in budget management including managing a scholarship portfolio of nearly $40 million.

Dr. Aagard earned a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, a master’s degree in Adult Education, and a bachelor’s degree in Zoology all from the University of Wyoming. The focus of her research was on state-funded scholarship programs and academic preparedness. She has a passion for professional development, leadership and working to your strengths.

She has been involved professionally at the regional and national level of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, serving as a president of Rocky Mountain ACRAO as well as on the national Nominations and Elections committee. She is a regular presenter of sessions and workshops at national meetings.

Dr. Aagard has managed a multi-million dollar implementation of a student information system in addition to the implementation of numerous supporting technologies.





Angie Paccione





Angie Paccione, Executive Director at the Colorado Department of Higher Education

Dr. Angie Paccione was appointed executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education by Gov. Jared Polis, assuming the role on Jan. 10, 2019, and unanimously confirmed by the Senate Education Committee on Jan. 17, 2019.

Dr. Paccione has more than 20 years of experience in secondary and postsecondary education. She was a high school teacher, coach and administrator at Smoky Hill High School in the Cherry Creek School District before earning a Ph.D. in education and human resource studies from Colorado State University (CSU). There, Dr. Paccione served on the CSU faculty for nine years as a teacher educator in the “Project Promise” program, a nationally recognized program of excellence in teacher preparation for mid-career professionals. She also conducted research in the teacher education field, examining educators’ life events that led them to become committed to issues of diversity and inclusion. Her findings informed a teacher preparation program and were later published in Teacher’s College Press, which has been cited in over 75 academic papers.

Dr. Paccione left higher education to pursue public service and was elected to two terms in the Colorado House of Representatives, rising to become house majority caucus chair. She served on the Education Committee during all four years in the legislature, helping guide the education environment for the state of Colorado. In 2006, she ran for U.S. Congress and came within 2.5 percent of unseating the incumbent.

From 2007 to her appointment as executive director, Dr. Paccione worked for Verus Global where she specialized in the areas of leadership development, diversity and inclusion, talent development and change management. She has worked with leaders from the shop floor to the C-suite in 40 countries and all 50 states. Dr. Paccione has also co-authored two books on leadership: One Team: 10-minute Discussions that Activate Inspired Teamwork and Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact.

Growing up biracial in New York City, attending college in California and residing in Colorado, Dr. Paccione bridges many divides. She was raised to believe you can accomplish anything to which you set your mind, a philosophy that runs through her life’s accomplishments. Playing basketball at Stanford University and professionally in the 1980s, Dr. Paccione’s credo is that she’s as committed to your success as she is her own.

When she’s not working, Dr. Paccione can be found reading, traveling, enjoying theater and films or gardening. She counts her family and friends among her greatest blessings.


Meeting at a Glance

2019 RMACRAO Annual Meeting Program


At the annual meeting in July, several additional issues will be presented to the membership for a vote:

  • Membership Appliction:  Pueblo Community College
  • Approval of Business Meeting Notes from the 2018 RMACRAO Annual Business Meeting which was held in Denver, CO.   Click here to access the 2018 Meeting notes.  Please be sure to review these notes prior to the July meeting as well.
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes- Over the past few  years, the board has been discussing the treasurer position. The position has traditionally been difficult to fill due to the time commitment and the specific duties required of the position.  Click here to view the proposed changes and review prior to the business meeting.

Session Downloads

Supporting documents and presentations will be provided here as they are received from presenters.  Presentations are organized by conference day and session ID.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Session File Type Session Title
1A Endorsed by AACRAO: The Only Enrollment Management Endorsement Program
1B  pptx Equity & Inclusion: Personal Identity Options for Students
1C  pptx Disciplinary Notations & Criminal History in Admissions
1D  pptx Curriculum, Scheduling & Compliance Challenges
1E  pptx Balancing Workload While Maintaining Excellent Customer Service

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Session File Type Session Title
2A  pptx Roundtable Discussion: Using Your Degree Audit to Its Fullest
2B  pptx SQL 101 – Database Basics and Table Joins I

2C  pptx Integrating Forms in Slate
2D Tuition Classification Review and Statutes Updates – Part I
2F Change and the Transition to a One Stop Model
3A Tuition Classification Review and Statutes Updates – Part II
3B VA Benefits and Legislative Updates
3C  pdf Colorado EDX Transcript Implementation
3E  pptx SQL 102 – Database Basics and Table Joins II

3F  pptx Integrating Slate and Banner
4A  pdf Mountains of Updates for Higher Education in Colorado
4B  pptx Banner Workflow: How it is being used to streamline processes
4C  pptx Leveraging Technology for Streamlined Residency
4D  pptx The Power of Queries and Rules in Slate
4E  pdf; pptx Student Retention and the Office of the Registrar

5A This Orientation Model is Just Right
5C Administrative Allyship: Building Best Practices for Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students
5D Blurred Lines: Creating A Unified Student Experience
5E  pptx Tackling Major Projects… and Thriving
5F Prior Learning Experiences and Best Practices

Friday, July, 19, 2019

Session File Type Session Title
7A Changing Your Legal Name: A State of Colorado Perspective
7C  pdf A Community College’s Journey into Creating One College Wide Appeal
7D Robot Ralphie: Accessing University Data through Emerging Technologies
7E  pdf Using Project Management to Achieve Success
7F  pptx Distance Learning at CU Boulder: Bridging the Divide Between OIT and the Office of the Registrar