RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2019


RMACRAO 2019 Annual Conference

July 17-19, 2019

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Call for Proposals

The Program Committe would like to invite all interested members to submit presentation proposals by clicking on the “Presentation Proposal Submission” button below.

A variety of presentation formats are possible:  individual, joint, panel discussion, open forum, etc.  In addition topics can come from a wide range of subjects including admissions,  recruitment, registration, records, federal guidelines,  professional development, and many others.

Our meetings are successful because our members step up and make them that way. YOU are the success behind our organization, and we look forward to hearing your great ideas!

Presentation Proposal Submission



Exhibitor Information

Interested in being an Exhibitor at the 2019 RMACRAO Annual Conference?  Click the Exhibitor Information button below for more details

Exhibitor Information