RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2013

The 37th RMACRAO Annual Meeting was located at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center July 17-19, 2013, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Who Attends RMACRAO?

The RMACRAO Annual Meeting attracts a diverse group of participants from Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Some of these include:

  • admissions professionals
  • registrar professionals
  • RMACRAO_LOGOcorporate exhibitors
  • enrollment managers
  • student services professionals
  • information technology specialists
  • academic advisors
  • many more…

Why should you attend RMACRAO?

  • RMACRAO sessions and workshops will provide you opportunities to:
  • Network with colleagues from local institutions.
  • Mingle with exhibitors providing the best products and services available to higher education.
  • Learn about best practices, new techniques, and cutting-edge technology tailored for higher education.
  • Keep up to date with legislation and policy matters affecting higher education.
  • Develop unique insights and ideas that will position you and your institution at the forefront of the profession.
  • Learn how to manage the change in your office and institution.

NotebookAnnual Meeting Program Updated July 12, 2013 pdficon_small

Proposed Bylaw Change on Membership Definition (this vote passed at the 2013 Business Meeting)

Last year, we initiating a discussion concerning for-profit institutions and their membership status. The question that was brought and discussed with the membership concerned if we could change the definition of membership in RMACRAO to include for profit institutions with Full Time Student Enrollment as Members of RMACRAO rather than as Associate Members of RMACRAO.  This would not include companies or corporations in our region, just educational instituitions.  We will vote on this change at the July Business Meeting.

Proposed Bylaw Changes pdficon_small (this vote passed at the Annual Business Meeting to make the changes)

Current RMACRAO Bylaws pdficon_small

At the annual meeting in July, several additional issues will be presented to the membership for a vote:

  • Membership Applications: University of St. Francis pdficon_small (this membership application was voted on and accepted at the Annual Business Meeting)
  • The proposed 2013-2014 RMACRAO budget – The proposed budget will be posted to this site in early July. Please be sure to review this prior to the July meeting. (this was voted on and accepted at the Annual Business Meeting)
  • Approval of Business Meeting Notes pdficon_small from the 2012 RMACRAO Annual Meeting which was held in Laramie, WY.  Please be sure to review these notes prior to the July meeting as well. Click Here to reference meeting notes. (this was voted on and accepted at the Annual Business Meeting)

Session Presentation Archive


Session File Type Description
Pre-Conference PPTX Creating a Respectful Working Environment
Session 1A   It is an Art not a Science-International Transfer Evaluation Roundtable
Session 1B   Military/Veteran Friendly Really?
Session 1C   Without a Doubt: Identifying Students for Customer Service Purposes
Session 1D   Parchment Exchange – eTranscripts and More!
Session 1E   Streamline Processes and Serve Students with an Online Academic Catalog
Session 1F PPT The Higher Learning Commission: Building a Culture of Awareness Regarding Federal Compliance
Session 1G PDF Hope you don’t need it but you should always be prepared for an emergency disaster at your institution
Session 1H PPTX How to Survive Going Paperless
Session 2A PPTX Student Workers: The Face of Customer Service
Session 2B DOCX One Stop Shop: Implementation and Operations
Session 2D PDF Academic Planning-Providing Students with a Prescribed Path
Session 2E PDF Optimized Transcript Delivery
Session 2F PPTX Leveraging Paperless Technology
Session 2G PPT Modernization of the Registrar’s Office


Session File Type Description
Session 3A   4 Year Records & Registration Forum
Session 3B   4 Year Admissions Forum
Session 3C   2 Year Admissions Records & Registration Forum
Session 4A   A birds-eye view of international admissions and recruitment in Colorado
Session 4B   Curriculum Management – Practices & Policies
Session 4C   Communicating for Success
Session 4D   Commencement: Back-stage planning means on-stage success!
Session 4E PPTX Case Study-Creating Online Student Forms
Session 4F PPTX (Mis)Adventures in Usability
Session 4G   Everything you wanted to know about transfer credit but were afraid to ask? Ok well maybe not everything
Session 5A P1 PPTX Recruiting and Campus Tours
Session 5A P2 PPTX Recruiting and Campus Tours
Session 5A P3 PPTX Recruiting and Campus Tours
Session 5B   Official Transcripts Roundtable
Session 5C PPT Benefits of Cross Training
Session 5D   Online Commencement Ticketing–Best Practices
Session 5E   Acalog and Curriculog
Session 5F   Colorado Tuition Classification Roundtable (Part One)
Session 5G   FERPA Update
Session 5H   Working with International Students
Session 6A   Engaging Current and Prospective Students with Social Media: Tools Challenges & Real Life Scenarios
Session 6B   Course Action Form System (CAFS)
Session 6C   Motivating your Team and Boosting Morale: Ideas that Work
Session 6D PPTX Electronic Transcripts: Provide a better service – save time/money – go green!
Session 6E   Student Schedule Planner with a Proven Track Record
Session 6F   Colorado Tuition Classification Roundtable (Part Two)
Session 6G   FERPA Update


Session File Type Description
Session 7A   Colorado Forum
Session 7B   New Mexico Forum
Session 7C   Wyoming Forum
Session 8A PPTX University of Colorado Boulder Admissions: The Game of Operations
Session 8B   FERPA Training Panel
Session 8C   First Timers Wrap Up
Session 8D What’s New at the National Student Clearinghouse?
Session 8E   Diplomas made Easy!
Session 8F PDF Manage Critical Knowledge with Your Own Office Wiki
Session 8G   Supporting GLBTQ College Students and Their Success
Session 8H   The Game of Life: Transfer Edition