RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2014

Annual Meeting Program

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The RMACRAO Program Committee has prepares a fabulous 2014 RMACRAO Annual Meeting and conference program.

Addendum to Published Program


Session File Type Description
Pre-Conference PDF IPEDS Data as the Public Face of an Institution
Session 1A   Recruiting Roundtable
Session 1B   Using Microsoft Outlook to Manage Your Office Processing Calendar: How to Know Who Does What When (and Why!)
Session 1C   Succession Planning: Are you ready?
Session 1D   The SCRIP-SAFE Advantage—a Total Transcript Solution
Session 1E   Simplify the Catalog Streamline the Curriculum Process
Session 1F Channeling MacGyver: Using Everyday Technology to Create Time-Saving Solutions
Session 2A PPTX Transitioning Transfer Evaluation: Paperless Automated Powerful
Session 2B Service Blueprinting: How to identify and capture productivity and how can the customer experience be improved?
Session 2C PPTX Legislation Accreditation and Higher Education – Handout 1Handout 2
Session 2D Diplomas: Getting it right!
Session 2E Commencement: Back-Stage Planning Means On Stage Success!
Session 2F I have a VA School Certifying Official (SCO) in my unit what do they do?


Session File Type Description
Session 3A   4-Year Records & Registration Forum
Session 3B   4-Year Admissions Forum
Session 3C   2-Year Admissions Records & Registration Forum
Session 4A   Automating the Admissions Office by Using Work Flow
Session 4B   Implementing “Reverse Transfer” Legislation at your Campus
Session 4C PPTX What is this and how do I get involved? AACRAO & RMACRAO 101
Session 4D Student Schedule Planning Plays an Important Role in Graduation Initiatives & Student Success
Session 4E How to Survive Going Paperless
Session 4F PTPX The Functional to Technical Overview of Implementing Electronic Data Exchange of Student Academic Records – XML Sample – Sample Edits
Session 5A Academic Policy Evaluation-Using Data Analytics to Assess Impact of Grade Replacement
Session 5B PPTX Verifying Completion of Degree Requirements
Session 5C Lessons in Leadership Transition
Session 5D Campus Wide Course and Event Management
Session 5E Integrating Your Curricular and Catalog Process with CourseLeaf’s Powerful Intuitive Online Process
Session 5F Four Critical Planning Elements to Support Enrollment Growth: A multi-dimensional model that identifies essentials to support delivery of planned enrollments
Session 6A Caution…Curves Ahead: Transitioning Transfer Evaluation at UNC
Session 6B Curriculum Processing Roundtable
Session 6C PPTX Satisfactory Academic Progress Roundtable
Session 6D What’s New at the Clearinghouse?
Session 6E Optimized Transcript Delivery
Session 6F Ethics


Session File Type Description
Session 7A   Colorado Forum
Session 7B   New Mexico Forum
Session 7C   Wyoming Forum
Session 7D   Proprietary Institution Forum
Session 8A   Assessment of Student Service Areas – The Necessary Evil
Session 8B PPTX Work flow
Session 8C First Timers Wrap-Up
Session 8D Curing Course Scheduling Headaches: Building & Validating Your Course Offerings
Session 8E Parchment
Session 8F PDF $how me the Money-Cost Benefits of Electronic Exchange of Student Transcripts