RMACRAO Annual Meeting 2015


July 15-17, 2015

Colorado Springs Marriott, Colorado Springs, Colorado

 Pre-Conference Workshop:

2015_tammy_aagard“Put Me in Coach! I’m Ready to Play!”

Presented by Dr. Tammy Aagard, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Florida

 Opening Session:

2015_Kyle“Team Building: Active Learning Activities to Enhance Group Participation and Engagement”

Presented by Paul Kyle, AACRAO, President‐Elect 2015‐2016

 General Session (Sponsored by the RMACRAO Board of Directors):

andy_mastersLeadership Lessons from Hollywood!”

Presented by Andy Masters


 Thursday Evening Event:

Ivywild-SchoolOn Thursday evening, join us for dinner at the IvyWild School featuring a catered buffet by La’au’s Taco Shop. After dinner, guests can elect to stay at the IvyWild School to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the Bristal Brewery & Pub, and the Principal’s Office. After dinner, for those looking for some more adventure, transportation will be provided to historical Manitou Springs.

Closing Session:


“Living the Salt Life Wherever You Are”

Presented by Dr. Tammy Aagard, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Florida


Session File Type Description
Pre-Conference Put Me In Coach I am Ready to Play!
Session 1A PPTX Colorado’s Master Plan: New Laws Policies and Initiatives for Degree Completion
Session 1B What’s New at the Clearinghouse
Session 1C PPTX How to Implement Degree Works in 9 Months
Session 1D Improving efficiency in the catalog and curriculum process at the Colorado School of Mines
Session 1E In-house Diploma Printing: Taking Charge & Saving Money!
Session 1F Tail Wagging the Dog: Federal Financial Aid Regulations and the Academic Record
Session 1G It’s time to re-imagine your academic catalog and curriculum process
Session 2A Everyone Gets a Seat in the Game of Musical Chairs
Session 2B Diplomas: Paper and Electronic – now you need both!
Session 2C Change the Way Your Institution Recruits Transfer Students with Transferology™
Session 2D Conditional admission: admissibility and beyond
Session 2E Veteran Benefit Updates from “The Hill”
Session 2F Using Excel to Crunch Numbers Quickly
Session 2G Challenges encountered and solutions for higher education curriculum development review and approval workflows


Session 3A Proprietary Institution Forum
Session 3B New Mexico Forum
Session 3C Wyoming Forum
Session 3D Colorado Tuition Classification
Session 3E Colorado Forum
Session 4A Student Planning Tool Plays Major Role in Graduation Initiatives and Student
Session 4B How to Engage & Inspire Today’s Generation of Students
Session 4C Extending the Credential; Empowering the Learner
Session 4D Colorado Tuition Classification
Session 4E PDF Free Tech Tools to Help Get Organized
Session 4F Centralized Graduation Certification
Session 4G Intercultural Communication and the International Student Experience
Session 5A Credentials Solutions – Electronic Transcripts
Session 5B PPTX Ellucian eTranscript Integration with Parchment and The University of Northern Colorado
Session 5C FERPA 101 for New Professionals
Session 5D Advancing Student Completion Through Course Access and Resource Alignment
Session 5E What is NASPA and How Can I Get Involved?
Session 5F PDF SEVIS – How Does It Affect Me?
Session 5G Automated Waitlist: Roundtable
Session 5H Curriculum Management Catalogs Syllabi and Transfer — Getting It Done in One Place


Session 7A Creating a Collaborative Campus Approach to Enrollment Management
Session 7B FERPA for Professionals
Session 7C Streamlining the schedule of classes at the Colorado School of Mines
Session 7D Work Stress & Sleep: How to get the Sleep You Need to Succeed
Session 7E Yes English is not my first language … now where is my admit letter?
Session 7F Community College First Year Orientation Program
Session 7G Transfer Equivalency Round Table
Session 7H Commencement: Back-Stage Planning means on-stage success!