RMACRAO Membership Application

Colorado Mountains

Please complete the RMACRAO Membership Application if:

Your institution is applying for membership or associate membership to RMACRAO for the first time.


An application for membership is now required for reinstatement if any member institution or member organization fails to pay its annual dues, and after notice in writing from the Treasurer, has lost their membership and associated privileges.

RMACRAO Membership Application PDF

Institutional Membership:

Institutional membership shall be open to higher education institutions located in but not limited to Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. An institution may be considered for Institutional Membership if it is collegiate-level, degree-granting, and accredited by an association approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

An institution having separate campuses or off-campus centers which have separate offices of admissions and records shall be eligible for additional institutional membership(s) upon application and payment of annual dues.

Associate Professional Membership

Associate Professional Membership shall be open to higher education companies or businesses, government agencies, and other organizations non eligible for Institutional Membership, but whose professional duties are related to the purposes of higher education and of the RMACRAO organization located in but not limited to Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  It is understood that Associate Professional Membership does not carry the right to vote, and is not a statement of accreditation by the Association.