RMACRAO Nominations and Elections Committee

votingIt shall be the responsibility of this committee to solicit and prepare a slate of candidates for each elective office. After the slate has been approved by the Executive Committee, the Nominations and Elections Committee will conduct the election by requesting mail or fax responses prior to each annual meeting and in accordance with the following guidelines.

The committee will meet at least three months prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association to review candidates for nomination. The following will be considered in selecting a slate of nominees:

*Candidate’s service to the Association.

*Candidate’s service to other professional organizations such as AACRAO.

*Candidate’s professional ability and experience.

*Candidate’s recommendations from the membership.

*Candidate’s commitment to serve as an officer of the Association.

*Equitable representation of geographic areas, gender, and ethnicity by Association officers.

*Equitable representation of professions within the Association (i.e., admissions, registration, records, etc.).

(a) The composition of the committee will consist of the immediate Past-President of the Association serving as chair and a member from New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

(b) Nominees will be selected by the committee for the position of President-Elect, Vice President for Colorado, Vice President for New Mexico, Vice President for Wyoming, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee will make a reasonable effort to secure at least two viable candidates for each of these positions. All nominees must consent to being placed on the ballot and accept the responsibilities of the position duties, including travel to Executive Committee meetings and the Annual Meeting.

(c) Not later than 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting, the committee will prepare and mail the appropriate type and number of election ballots to each active member institution. The ballot shall specify the number of votes allotted to each institution, the deadline return date, return address and Fax number. The ballot shall also have one underlined space per office for write-in-candidates. The ballots will be mailed or faxed to the designated contact person at each member institution. No ballots will be accepted over the phone, or accepted after 12 midnight of the deadline date.

(d) The designated contact person will call and conduct a meeting of its own currently active individual members. The purpose of meeting will be to decide how to cast its allotted vote in the election. Only the allocated number of votes may be cast by the institutions, regardless of the number of individually active members at the institution. The designated contact person will vote on behalf of the institutional RMACRAO members and return the ballot.

(e) Not less than 30 days before the Annual Meeting, the committee will meet, open and tabulate the ballots. All candidates receiving a simple majority vote will be reported to the President as elected. Any tie will be broken by a form of lot to be determined by the committee. Should a candidate fail to receive a majority vote, the top two candidates will be resubmitted to the appropriate electors for a second mail-in vote following the same procedures cited in this section.

(f) The committee will notify all candidates of the results of the election.

(g) The committee will report its results under the appropriate item in the order of business at the Annual Meeting. The President will declare all candidates receiving a majority vote to be elected.